VerumXplorer is about you, entrepreneurship, true stories and taking action.

Verum means True, what is the essence of a real life - and is opposite of fake.

On this site I want to bring together people who are interested in entrepreneurship, cultural differences and stories.  You've had specific moments, where it has become apparent to you that time is limited, and it is simply not enough to plough through your day at work waiting for the day to end.

You want to take 100% accountability and control of your own destiny.  It's about YOUR life and work - and for you to reap the rewards for it. You should not be afraid...but you are!

I believe we are all driven to create. There’s something inside of you that simply has to be expressed– not just occasionally, but every single day. Your skill is your craft and you want to spend all of your time focused on optimizing  your craft.

Whether someone appreciates your craft the way you do isn’t your chief concern. You don't want other people to have the keys to your success, you want those keys in your own hand.