Integration Into a New Society

Integration Into a New Society

Difficulty to leave, to emigrate, new situation, creates insecurity.

Emigration is not easy. It´s expensive, it´s often a very lonely experience and it´s very challenging emotionally - speaking from experience here.

You´re going to a country where nobody cares about you, you will often be made feel unwelcome and you´re the one who is expected to make the effort to integrate  - which is fair enough. Emigration is not for everyone, is not the silver bullet to all life´s problems and can often be the start of a whole host of new challenges and difficulties that not everyone is equipped to cope with.

It’s not as easy as buying a one-way ticket, you know you’ll leave people you cared about, such as family and friends, people that were with you in many of your most important moments in your life, and whom, at least I hope, care about you.


Groves, 30, lost his world title to fellow Briton Callum Smith in the World Boxing Super Series final in September.

It was his 32nd bout in an 11-year professional career and in announcing his retirement Groves said he "knew the desire to fight had left" him.

He said: "I don't want there to be a time where I'm 'too old' to box, or where injury retires me."

In a statement, Groves offered "a prayer" for Eduard Gutknecht, who suffered a brain aneurysm after their fight in 2016, leaving him unable to walk or talk.

"This fight brought home the realisation that boxing can have brutal consequences," Groves added. "After this, I truly felt like my fighting days were numbered. After winning the WBA world title I decided to only continue fighting while it felt necessary."