Do what you are passionate about. Without passion, your work is not your love and you can never be your best or be better than others who are running with their passion. Do something that you are inherently good or talented at. We all have our relative talents but spending your life doing something that is inherently more difficult puts you at a disadvantage to other more talented people. Do something that creates value and can be sold into a market present or future.

Here are your top-secret hacks to magically grow your audience to skyrocketing levels in just one month:

Oh, and that whole “top-secret hacks to magically grow your audience to skyrocketing levels in just one month” was a joke. Those hacks don’t exist. The sooner you embrace that, the happier you’ll be with the process of starting a business.

This process is hard. That’s why many businesses don’t make it. It’s going to take time, and it’s going to take effort. If you can embrace the idea that every email subscriber you get for the next 30 days will be a person you personally email on a one-to-one basis, you’ll have a chance at kickstarting your business the right way.

We could teach you all about Facebook ads, webinars, guest posting, doing podcast interviews, advanced SEO, media relations, and a hundred other promotional tactics… but the truth is that you’d just end up wasting a lot of time and getting lost down countless rabbit holes.

In the future, all of that stuff will matter.

This week, as you’re just getting started, you need to know how to do one thing: have the courage, the discipline, and the perseverance to send an email to every person you know to tell them about this thing you’ve created.

Alot of people are going to tell you “no.” And that’s ok. Because every “no” you get is one step closer to getting a yes from someone else. It’s a numbers game at this stage – the more people you tell about your business, the more people you’ll find that want to learn more.

Don’t be discouraged by this process. Instead, think of it like training for all of the hard things you’ll have to do in the future if this business is going to be the way you earn your living.

Publishing Plan

Now, the goal is not just to tell people about your new business, but to make them want to learn more. That’s the point of the content you created last week. If it’s truly great content, it will show people: You’re knowledgeable about your topic,  You have an interesting or different perspective on your topic they can expect to learn, be entertained, or be inspired if they decide to become a part of your audience, You need to make a decision about how to publish your first three pieces of content.

Is it more important for someone who just learned about your new business for the first time to be able to read/watch/listen to three pieces of content the first time they visit your site?

Or is it more important for them to read/watch/listen to one piece of content and have two more pieces in reserve so that you are ahead of your publishing schedule?

There are pros and cons to both approaches and this is not a life or death decision.

The most important thing is that a person who visits your site for the first time gets a sense for the quality of content you’ll be publishing going forward. Make the decision that will give the best impression to that first time visitor.