Forgive Today

You want be at the top of your game, but you are stuck in the past. There are people who have hurt you and you can't reach full productivity because negative thoughts are popping up in your mind. They have a discouraging impact.

Think like this: When you go through life, you're gonna be hurt.
Don't forget, the people who hurt you were doing the best they could in that situation where they were in their journey. a gift you deserve.
If you don't forgive you are working like person with a weight on their back.

My question to you is how can you:
-Be authentic
-Create efficiently
-Be legendary
-Be at peace
-Be you
if you are burdened with guilt, hate and shame - living in the past.


These 4 ideas will help you forgive

Feel the feeling, don't escape

When someone had really hurt you, do you escape or do you process it through. Don't repress, go through. Many escape the feeling of pain, anger, rage. If you don't feel the feeling you will repress the feeling into your subconscious. And it will stay there. Everything will be in you and you will walk with it and project on other people. Now you are not living in the moment but you will be looking through the world how you are in your repressed state in pain and anger, guilt and shame. Talk with a friend. Talk it out.

Understand don't judge

We don't know what's going on in the internal orbit of the person that hurt us. Everyone is behaving in the context of their personal reality. They reacted based on their understanding of reality.

Speak your truth even when your voice trembling

It's a sign of self respect. Tell them how you feel. It's gonna release some energy and anger that you feel.

Release don't repress

You see so many people happily smiling and saying I'm fine! But in reality they are still in 1972 with pain suppressing sadness, anger and rage. Feel the feeling. Talk with a friend. Go to the woods and beat a tree with a stick.

Live in the moment and release what happened to you in the past! Otherwise you will be looking at the world through a filter, where the reality is distorted with pain, anger, suffering, rage and hate. Don't make a disfavor to yourself carrying baggage.


Photo by Dawid Zawiła

Be True to Yourself – Speak Up Now

Are you somebody who sits back and says nothing when something really needs to be said? It could be an idea, a suggestion, an observation, a criticism ... but for some reason you don't want to speak up. Well, I was.

Some people might say like staying silent is the wiser choice – and it does apply to some situations.
But there are a few reasons why despite the risk, standing up is a good choice.

‘You must feel the fear and speak your mind anyway. Then act in spite of fear. Act in spite of anything.
So often people sit back and say nothing when something really needs to be said. Speaking up is an important form of honesty – for yourself’



Think about fear. Why are you frightened? Imagine you feel in your guts that you want to say what you think. Say it, and it will bring you relief and release your emotions.
- If you stay silent it is usually taken as if you would agree. And if you don’t say what you wish, what could be further from the truth – it will later frustrate and create resentment in you.

You may not be alone in your thinking. Others may share your thoughts and opinions, but may be also unwilling or fearful to speak up. By speaking your mind you also encourage them to voice their opinions. If you say something that is considered irrelevant and unimportant then you voiced your opinion anyway: and if this is criticized in the group – it is a sign that the dialogue is not open.

Speaking up demonstrates that you will be truthful not only with other people, but with yourself. And when you practice this – it will flow naturally to speak up as your confidence improves, even if you would be an introvert.


Photo by Ricardo Mancía