Forgive Today

You want be at the top of your game, but you are stuck in the past. There are people who have hurt you and you can't reach full productivity because negative thoughts are popping up in your mind. They have a discouraging impact.

Think like this: When you go through life, you're gonna be hurt.
Don't forget, the people who hurt you were doing the best they could in that situation where they were in their journey. a gift you deserve.
If you don't forgive you are working like person with a weight on their back.

My question to you is how can you:
-Be authentic
-Create efficiently
-Be legendary
-Be at peace
-Be you
if you are burdened with guilt, hate and shame - living in the past.


These 4 ideas will help you forgive

Feel the feeling, don't escape

When someone had really hurt you, do you escape or do you process it through. Don't repress, go through. Many escape the feeling of pain, anger, rage. If you don't feel the feeling you will repress the feeling into your subconscious. And it will stay there. Everything will be in you and you will walk with it and project on other people. Now you are not living in the moment but you will be looking through the world how you are in your repressed state in pain and anger, guilt and shame. Talk with a friend. Talk it out.

Understand don't judge

We don't know what's going on in the internal orbit of the person that hurt us. Everyone is behaving in the context of their personal reality. They reacted based on their understanding of reality.

Speak your truth even when your voice trembling

It's a sign of self respect. Tell them how you feel. It's gonna release some energy and anger that you feel.

Release don't repress

You see so many people happily smiling and saying I'm fine! But in reality they are still in 1972 with pain suppressing sadness, anger and rage. Feel the feeling. Talk with a friend. Go to the woods and beat a tree with a stick.

Live in the moment and release what happened to you in the past! Otherwise you will be looking at the world through a filter, where the reality is distorted with pain, anger, suffering, rage and hate. Don't make a disfavor to yourself carrying baggage.


Photo by Dawid Zawiła

Beat Distraction Today

Today, think about a method how you will manage to maintain a distraction free environment - if only for an hour.

Create a tight bubble of total focus - it's clear that by allowing your phone on you are letting other people's priorities run your day.
Stop letting so many disruptions and distractions get in between you and your work/mission today
This time leave your phone and technology in another place


Then you will be able to go on a focus level that supports creativity and deep thinking.

And...If you want to give right now, it's very simple. You can give something that is really valuable in today's world: give your pristine and undivided attention to somebody today!

Without checking your phone or being interrupted by beeps of social media.


Photo by Steve Johnson

Quiet Period – Rethink your Thinking and Rewire Your Life

Do you have these quiet periods of life? When you're not producing anything, nor being efficient on the outside?

It could be you are processing pain. And you feel you are in the Valley of Darkness - away from the world.

Is it another season for you? Like the Season of Growth. When it's a time to read the great books, and write in your journal. To rethink your thinking and rewire your life.

On those times ... you might think "I am wasting my time". Your emotional universe is filled with guilt. Because you are not doing, and your schedule is not full and you are not producing.

But ... what if those times are actually being productive in another way? Producing - not in the world but within yourself. Producing new energies. Producing new emotions. Transforming your fears into love.

Because in order to let go, to release you have to go through the pain. And when you release those fears then you grow in bravery.

What does that do to your craft? What does that do to your power?

You are renewed, you look at your skills with new eyes. You see things that were hidden.

A break away can serve you well.

DisIntegration Experiences: 5

I convey my journey in countries and societies, based on my perspective and only my own experiences. I encourage you to contribute, ask questions and offer your own views. This platform is not complete without your contribution. Posting extracts from my upcoming book.

Sites were full of colorful online reviews about the Paris, their airport plus their service and attitude:  "You cannot have a world class airport with third world transport to the city center”  “One simply grits one's teeth",  “Zero out of ten impressed”, “Wondering if terminal 2D could be the worst airport terminal in Europe". "Crowded, dirty, terrible shops, no catering, and the only lounge is airside, meaning that you have to leave the (admittedly poor) lounge one hour before the flight departs “This terminal requires immediate demolition!" "Certainly unlikely to bother visiting Paris again as not worth the unpleasant experience of the airport"

Knowing now what I know about the hideous shit I would dip my fingers into during the next ten years after my arrival to Charles de Gaulle airport – I just hope I would have had some sense and taken the next plane out of the country right there and then. Hell, I wish those canister throwers would have reached the airport and chased me to Germany, or anywhere else for that matter!

Photo by Skyler Smith

DisIntegration Experiences: 4

I convey my journey in countries and societies, based on my perspective and only my own experiences. I encourage you to contribute, ask questions and offer your own views. This platform is not complete without your contribution. Posting extracts from my upcoming book.


Don’t get me wrong; I am very fond of my friends in Finland. The most trustworthy, pragmatic and genuine people this side of Sahara.  But would I want to live in Finland? Would I want to raise my kids in Finland? Would I want to marry a Finnish woman and stay there? I tell you what: In winter, you'll freeze – that's assuming no one shoots you, or you don't shoot yourself.

Among a not only one source, Finland ranks third in global gun ownership behind only America and Yemen; has the highest murder rate in western Europe, double that of the UK; and by far the highest suicide rate in the Nordic countries...