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Travel Diaries


When I think about summer, I think about freedom, travel, sun, rejuvenation in the sun. The cold blue Atlantic sharpening my senses. Freedom to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want. And nobody telling me how I should be, and what I can say or think about.
But who has such freedom today? Not many, I think. From a young age, we are conditioned to do as our parents tell us. And if we refuse then we are bad. From young age we “learn” how to behave. Because if we do not “behave” we do not get love, and approval that we so desperately crave. There are always people telling you what you should do, how you should do things. And sometimes it is our loved ones telling us those things. We need people. We need friends. We need family. Very few great things ever came out without co-operation, alone tinkering on it.

But you need to protect yourself from negativity, and toxic thoughts.
We need also to put limits on what we allow them in terms of access to ourselves, and how we let others affect us.
You are the boss of you. You carry the responsibility. You, and no one else.

This brings me to my plan for this summer. Travel! I am living in Portugal, the summer is sunny and the sea is blue and the Portuguese people are out there to talk with you and know you. All my weekends are free, and I am gonna travel around the country by car - digging into things that I am passionate about. Templar Knights in Tomar, small villages in Algarve, the surf shores of Nazare, the founding city of Portugal - Guimaraes. History, small villages, founding cities are at the fingertips - the only thing is to go for it. Some very good prospects for visiting for the traveler have opened up. Places are uncrowded, the tourists are simply staying at home this summer. This is unfortunate for the local entrepreneurs whose domain is tourism. But it is also time for this small and interesting country to grow its business in other areas that are unlinked to tourism. For me and many travelers, though, this is a great opportunity to learn more about Portugal, its inhabitants, and its geography. Without the crowds.

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