VerumWplorer is a resource run by me, Tommi Tarkkonen, to tell you about my life on the road.  On it I share my strategies of running my own business, and earning my own income while  sleeping. As so many other people, I am on my plan B career path!

I work in an office for another company to pay my bills and have a social surrounding - but at the same time I use my skills to other opportunities so that I can devote time to the things and people I value most.

The Redbreast is my blog, where I share my thoughts, write stories and publish excerpts of my books.

Living abroad since I was 27, I graduated from the university with an chemistry degree and went to work for the oil-services and chemical industries. I have lived, studied and worked in 4 different countries in Europe.

Each time I changed country I had to adapt and try to understand people of great differences. I had to learn a lot regarding adaptation, cultural differences, cultural integration and "cultural disintegration" in order to survive and thrive. My experiences  abroad have led me to understand and develop concepts in self-development, adaptation, cultural integration and coaching.

International experiences can transform a person’s sense of self in very positive ways. I am talking a lot of how I believe this happens.

Even if have been fascinated by the opportunities we all have to design our work and life so that we can decide for ourselves  - it was not until recently that I am putting my energy and focus into action.