Grabbing Lisbon with My Grubby Mitts

To call Lisbon a great place is to insult the beauty of this marvellous sunny city almost to an libellous degree. As soon as I arrived here, I knew that it was here that I was going to fulfill my God-given mission. Not only was it free from that punishing northern darkness that had been numbing my mind for so long-the city was close to the beaches where Europe's best waves for surfing splashed ashore.

I felt alive for the first time in along time. All my senses that had been numbed by the monotony of a grey city existence life burst violently into life.
I was blind, but now I could see. I felt reborn.

The next month was one the happiest of my life. Life was simple and life was great. Occasionally, I'd have another beer, and order some wonderful seafood with crabs, or have a surf in those cold wawes.

Why for God's sake was I and everyone else in Northern-Europe putting up with another hideous winter rabbiting about unimportant shit and getting stressed?

We spend our lives working in jobs that we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. No more of that.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it!
      Summer is loong and hot here in Lisbon, the sea temp varies little between winter and summer: it’s 17-20 C.
      Summer will come again there as well, I take it you are currently more north:-)

        1. My condolenses.
          But rainy days are perfect for getting things done indoors.
          I can’t believe it’s still 25 C and sun here-but I have to as am seeing it.

    1. Thanks!!
      Yeah, it’s always stimulating to arrive to a new place. Sometimes a bit frightening, maybe.
      Leaving can feel a bit flat, but occasionally I feel ‘ready’ to leave. It varies, and depends whether the time in that place was rewarding.

    1. Thanks for your kinds words, really made my day if you like my post!!
      I like to write exactly how I feel, and of course sometimes the subject is light but occasionally it can also be heavy. Both is interesting, different sides of the coin if you know what I mean?!
      Man tames the surroundings – to see savage nature or wild animals you have to travel far. Netherlands is a good example of tame, pretty and man-made.

          1. Maybe one day i will get the chance to go there.I believe every one in the world needs to travel just so they can see how beautiful we al have it.Stop all tge wars and hate and lets look atvthis world..

    1. I really like both! Have been fortunate to live in many countries, all in Europe. Northern and southern perspective differ much, and it is useful to gain perspective from both.
      I take too many pics, and most end up on the hard disk.

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