DisIntegration Experiences: 3

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With hindsight it was pretty far from the best moment to arrive at the main airport in France that Friday night in November 2005.

It was pouring with rain, and by Saturday 4th, the ninth of unrest and protest, there had been 259 arrests, a dozen men and women had been injured and more than 2,141 vehicles burnt. The suburbs of Paris were ablaze and the fever had spread uncontrollably to Lyon, Strasbourg and Rouen - political mismanagement fueling the rage of the most impoverished of France's citizens. Cars had been torched and buildings smashed. Riot police moved in, firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Fighting escalated. The rioters grew in number to 400. The Sunday before word spread that a tear-gas canister of the kind used by the police had been thrown on to the doorstep of the Bilal mosque up in northern Paris...


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  1. My, that was quite an introduction to France. I moved here nearly three years later with nothing more unsettling that a train schedule. The train was on schedule but the flight was delayed. C’est la vie!

    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

    1. I arrived to France without talking any French. Had to learn it, took me years to appreciate the French in general. I first thought they’re all just an arrogant bunch of tossers. Later I came to appreciate some of their traits, and traditions. Overall, i love them.
      Learnt something on the way about myself as well. As you say…c’est la vie!

  2. Interesting beginning, but my head is empty due to the incredible heat in Central-Europe. Going to the cooler mountains of the Alps now. I will look in your blog again after my holidays in the mountains for sure. The topic of cultural shocks (home and foreign country) will also be featured in the next post of my blog on 1st September. Now first a digital rest. Bye,bye @ Ulli

    1. Am really excited you like the beginning, and please come back for more.
      Here in Lisbon, it’s been a cooler summer with around 24-28 C. Then again, in the Nordics it’s been hotter.
      I’ve been to Zell am See trecking 1995 – it was really beautiful.
      Enjoy the crisp air in the mountains!

      1. I will be at the Algarve in October for 1 week, so this year we will not pass Liboa like last year. We simply love Portugal, our latest discovery!

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